We all have log entries in life. This is some of our guests favourite memories! A review is guidance and advice from a guest, be sure to take note of all their treasured moments to make sure you don’t miss out of the full experience.

2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge!

2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge!

We all have our new goals and challenges set for 2021. Some are creating good habits, others are being healthier and then some are on a mission to give other people FOMO, yes we are talking about those Instagram influencers! I don’t really carry expert knowledge are creating good habits or living a healthier life, but fortunately, I got enough local knowledge to set some goals for those who want to use the hashtags #wild #adventurous #wanderlust #challengeaccepted while in JBay.

So if you consider yourself to be daring and determined, let’s see how many of these you can tick off! I must add some of these may be seasonal or weather dependant, so don’t get too beat down if you aren’t able to get it right.

1. Surf all eight surf spots

We had to start with the obvious. JBay is famous for Supertubes of course, but the rest of the breaks all have their own flavor. It is easy to tick off 5 of the spots on the right day (Boneyards to the Point). It is possible to knock four off on one wave (Supertubes to the Point) but that is for the more skilled, as the waves need to be at least 8ft. A little extra challenge for the skilled ;)



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2. Kayak from the Gamtoos River mouth to the “Canyoning Rocks”

This is a heavy one. This is one of those “are you crazy!” things to add. I have personally done it and wasn’t trained or prepared for it but I, fortunately, survived, with major stiff muscles the next day. It is roughly a 5-hour row, maybe longer if you not very fit or if the current is going the opposite way. If you do decide to do this one, please remember to pack all the needed equipment to survive 3 days in the wild, or at least a snack to keep you going with lots of water and a waterproof bag for your phone to contact someone to fetch you when you reach the end. Also, keep your eyes open for many bird species (African Fishh eagles) can be seen en-route.

3. Spear a fish!

JBay is very seldomly known as a strong fishing village, maybe that’s the way the locals like it. never the less, there is plenty of fish in this sea! Spearfishing just has this alarming level of insanity. Swimming deep underwater, and hoping to see a fish or hoping another bigger fish doesn’t see you (yes I’m referring to a shark). Although sharks are pretty rare to see, you still don’t want to be fighting with one over a 10kg Yellowtail. So that’s my challenge, shoot yellowtail.


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4. Just Jump!

This is a 4-in-1 combo. Jumping is just something people seem to be keen to do around here.
1. Jump off the highest rocks into the pool at the lodge (Alright that’s easy)
2. Jump off the 12m point into the Watergat. (Doing a front-flip if that doesn’t scare you)
3. Jump off a 216m bridge with a bungee rope attached to just your ankles… look down before you jump if you really want to give yourself some extra adrenaline.
4. Jump out of a plane. Skydiving is amazing. However very few aim to skydive solo. So this is the static line challenge (the introduction to solo skydiving, where a string automatically releases the parachute)

 5. Hike or Bike

There are so many paths and trails within and around JBay. It is a challenge on its own to find them all. While some are more well known and others are less traveled. They all have a beautiful moment along the way. These are the trails I can say are worthwhile. Do a minimum of 4!
1. Cape St Francis to Thuispoint (Wild-side Trail)
2. Kalbeljous to Gamtoos mouth (Along the beach)
3. Lady Slipper
4. Falcon Rock Trail
5. 3rivers Trail
6. Kalbelous Nature Reserve
7. Maitland Nature Reserve
8. Formosa Peak


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6. Target Capture!

South Africa obviously hosts a variety of wildlife, and Jeffreys Bay is no stranger to these beautiful sightings. This is the list of some wildlife that is found here but requires you to have patience and persistence. Everyone has a different species interested, so I will try to list a variety for the different categories. The challenge is to obviously capture these beautiful creatures in full glory!

Mammals – Cheetah & Bottlenose Dolphin
Birds – Fish Eagle & Flamingoes
Fish – Red Romans & Garrick
Reptiles – Olive House Snake
Amphibians – Sand Toad
Invertebrates – compass jelly Fish & Chokka


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Please comment below if you have other suggested 2021 challenges for fellow readers! Or let people know if you have experience and advice for any of the above :) I hope the list adds adventure to your stay :)

jbay guide

JBay Summer Guide 2020

 JBay Summer Guide 2020


Summer in JBay is exactly what you would imagine. It’s hot, with a scent of sunscreen in the air, and people walking around in flip-flops holding ice-cream cones. While that is enough incentives to draw anyone from a landlocked city, there is more to this little town. This is our Jbay Summer Guide 2020 to a #DecemberToRemember

surf lessons


  1. #Beaches

    Let’s jump to the point. Jeffreys Bay has more than just 1 little fun beach, in actual fact, there are 6. Starting with Kalbeljous, Albertros, Checkers Beach, Main/Dolphin Beach, Pelsurus Beach, and Paradise Beach. Each of them has a unique characteristic worth exploring.

    Kabeljous and Albertros is home to kiting, fishing, and boogie boarding. There is a lot of space so no need to squish like sardines (COVID Friendly).
    Checkers is more for tanning and building sandcastles as swimming is not recommended.
    Main Beach / Dolphin Beach is where all the action is happening. Surf, Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, some music shows, and enough popup stores to keep you fed or fill the car with local crafts to take home.
    Lastly, Paradise Beach is in the name. It has a little bit of everything and it never feels overcrowded. Fun waves, fun walks, good fishing spots, and a little lagoon to swim in if that’s more your thing


  2. #Snacks&Beverages

    The beach has its way of keeping you hungry and thirsty all day long. We all have different cravings, so I will try to keep it quick and simple.
    Tasty Table is a great breakfast/lunch stop when you don’t want to leave the beach and lose your parking. They have a creative interior and delicious food.
    Infood Deli has all the freshly baked delights one can think of. Its quality is incomparable, and they cater to all diets.
    First Light is a unique coffee shop with great artisanal coffee and other good snacks.
    Brewhaha is our local craft brewery, with excellent beers but their food is really good and reasonably priced.
    Lastly, The Mexican is a great allrounder. They have healthy foods and smoothies, they have gourmet foods, and lastly, this is where you want to end your day, party style.

  3. #Activities

    By now you have had like 20 beach days in a row and have the darkest tan you have ever seen and looking for something more.
    Surfing is what we are famous for so make sure you check that off first ;)
    Sandboarding… It is not like surfing or like snowboarding, it’s a different kind of fun.
    Mini Golf or waterslide tubing at the Dolphin Beach Entertainment center.
    Horseback riding on the beach or skydive landing on the beach or just a Helicopter tour over JBay. If you looking for more hikes and adventures check our other blog here.

    Truthtops Creative Art

    @TruthtopsCreative Art

  4. #JbayLocalShops

    This is to keep local lekker and support local. There are many brands to buy in Jeffreys Bay but not all are local, not to say you shouldn’t check out the factory outlets as they too have some bargains.
    Aleph Surf is a high-quality clothing operation with its catalog found in First Light Coffee Shop, read how they support local and encourage fair trade.
    The Shell Shop has been operating for years, with very quirky items however it is a good souvenir shop.

    Country Feeling was the first clothing store in Jeffreys Bay and has done well in keeping it original with great designs and top quality.
    Right next door is another JBay classic In Step, although it’s a winter boot, it is always worth investing in.
    Art is something a little more classy mixed with culture. There are many artists however we are supporting right at home with this one, Ruth or TruthtopCreative helps out the lodge and has some amazing art on display in various spaces.


  5. #Festivals

    While regulations still prohibit large gatherings we are still waiting to hear what events are to be happening in and around JBay. However, there are still 3 weekly markets worth visiting.
    JBay Surf Village has a market every Saturday in December. Milkwood Market every Saturday and lastly the St Francis Market every Saturday. Please check the links for any cancellations or updates due to Covid-19.

    Please let us know if there are any other essentials or thoughts that should be added to the list in the comments below :)

old boards

JBay Surfboard Maintenance and Repairs


Surfing is one of the healthiest lifestyles and sports. It is often associated to an ideal way of living and breathing. I would advocate for that knowing what dedication it takes, and the rewards it bears. Surfing is amazing, but part of the dedication, just like any sport, is the care of equipment. In Jbay you can tell the locals apart from the foreigners/outsiders just based on their board maintenance. Surfboards can be very expensive, so taking care of them is one way to expand their life. This is my 5 rules to keep myself from being broke, before my surfboard is ;) – JBay Surfboard maintenance and Repairs.

Dont ding board

  1. Ding Repairs

    It is a common site to see surfers push some wax into the ding they got to save cash and catch another wave. While this innocently does a quick fix, it inevitably makes the problem worse. I can’t count how many times my shaper, has shouted at me for doing this. It stops maybe 90% of the water getting in, so damage will still occur. On top of that, the hole/ding where the repair has to be repaired, will now need to be bigger to get all the wax out etc. It all adds up and can eventually do harm to the integrity of the board, leading toward board creases or board snaps.Another no-no, is leaving the small cracks. These may look small but they still suck in water and eat away the foam in the board, especially if its epoxy. It may sound dramatic, but the finer details keep your board feeling new. Jbay surfboard maintenance and repairs / ding repair options.

  2. Sun & Heat

    Back in the day it was a real problem if you left your board in the sun, as it would go yellowish. While the new materials don’t do that today, it still can be harmful for the board to be left laying in the sun (maybe you also own a golden oldie). For one, the wax will melt and lose its grip, so also don’t leave the board wax-side up (even if its for 30 seconds). The other thing is it could cause delaminating. This means the deck will lift from the foam and create a bubble under the fibre glass. So it also not good for it to go through big difference in temperatures.

    Enjoying the Surf

  3. Protect your board

    It is an extra 2 minutes of your life to go put the board in a board bag. The board bag should protect it when in storage or whilst traveling. It takes maybe another minute or 2 to take out the fins and a lifetime to get the leash off (this avoids the leashing from over tangling) . Separating all the parts and pieces will save space and prevent them from being knocked in the wrong place. Maybe the fins gets too much pressure added on the side that it snaps. Its all rare cases, but I know the Pro’s do it, so there must be a method to the madness. I would even recommend getting a board sock if you have more than 1 board in the board bag. Which leads me to my next point.

  4. Keep it clean

    I hope you have experienced this at some point in your life. But a wax free, clean board brings back the brand new feeling. I have seen some people who keep their wax on their boards for months, maybe years. It might be a mission to clean it all off but this is the 1 time you ignore rule 2, and let that sun melt the wax, and scrape off all that useless/dirty wax. It makes the board light again, shows its original colour but mostly allows the board to be hydro-dynamic (especially cleaning under the board) and this helps with optimal performance. Another practise is to rinse off all the salt and sand after a surf. This just allows the board to avoid collecting residue.

    A clean well looked after board

  5. Respect and repeat

    Now that your board is constantly staying well looked after. The board will maybe have its pressure dings or one or two fatal dings. However looking after your board will teach you something that is embedded in surf culture, “RESPECT”. This is more than just looking after a board to save money. This is about reducing waste. While eco-boards are available, the a re normally pricy and not commonly used. By looking after the board you are looking after the planet. This is what we want all people to really learn. If you can learn to respect your board, then you will start to respect the ocean, and then the earth, and then mankind. It’s a classic Mr. Miyagi teaching technique “wax-on, wax-off”. Apply it to the small things and it should ripple and repeat into the more important things :)


Surf Lodge Review

Letter from our guest Deniz H

You wake up with the sound of the waves and a big smile on your face.

If you take a look of the window you realize the beauty of the Indian Ocean with 50 shades of blue in front of you. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of peace inside of you.

Surf lodge at Jeffrey’s Bay is an amazing place to surf, reset your mind, do yoga, enjoy a beautiful beach and meet friends for life.

Before you go to the surf lesson you enjoy a healthy breakfast to give your body the energy to surf and stay strong. With you pot in your hand you eat yoghurt, fruits and sip on your coffee with a view.

Excited about if you will catch some waves you go down to the pool area where all the surfboards and wetsuits are. Getting into a wetsuit is really hard to manage but as we all look funny trying to figure out the best way to dress, we laugh so much that there is already a connection with the people.

We drive with the surf van to the beach and Philipp, our surf instructor, teaches us how the technique works. The goal for today is to stand on the board – at least a second ;-)

You completely forget time if you are playing with the waves. The first time when you stand on the board a happy feeling overwhelms you and you have the feeling that you can fly. Now I know why surfing is such a big thing for people all around the world.

Exhausted but super happy we return back to the Surf lodge. The nap you will take after surfing is fabulous. The clean air, the sound of the waves and the wind sings you a special lullaby you can’t resist.

In the afternoon I enjoy reading a book at the pool and chatting with other guests just to hear their travel stories.

I’m a big fan of yoga but never did it on the beach. At the beach your relaxation is deeper, and you meditate constantly with the ocean breeze.

In the evening a typical South African braai is planned. Braai is a BBQ with meat we also know like beef or chicken but at the same time animals from South Africa are on the menu. Kudu, ostrich and impalas are very delicious alternatives you definitely have to try. The grill is on fire and the smell of great food covers the whole lodge. Guest have their beers in their hands or wine for which South Africa is also very famous for because of the great conditions to grow grapes here.

What a really love about this place is the special connection with people. You can be on your own but also do a lot in a group of like-minded people with different backgrounds and beliefs. Having a deep conversation about life with a stranger is on the agenda.

After having the fest meal, we had the idea of going to the beach to look at the stars and   inhale the magical moments to take them back home. You walk the wooden way to the beach, which was especially made for his grandmother of Tobi, the owner of the Surf lodge, told me to ease the way to the beach. The Lodge is a place with good memories of a happy family and new ones are made every day with people from all around the world.

Did you ever see the shine of plankton? Amazed about the fascination beauty of nature we go into the water just to have some little glowing plankton on our bodies. I’m a bubbly person but this made me speechless. We are lucky that the sky is clear, and we can see shooting stars while sitting at the beach… One of the wishes I had was that I will never wake up from this dream again …