Jbay’s Best Surf School


Which surf school is best for you in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay sees many travelers from all around the world coming through just to get a taste of the power of the Indian Ocean. There are many surf breaks making it ideal for any surfer to get a wave. While there are many waves there are many surf schools too. The question is “Which surf school is best for you?”.

Here are the top 5 surf schools in Jeffreys Bay.

  1. Salted Surf School

    Surf School Lesson Surf School Showers Surf School Hang

    Salted Surf (previously Son Surf) is a new surf school that was started by a young surfer wanting to share the stoke that surfing has brought in his life. The surf school may be new but he has been a local here for over 20 years and is a big name here in the water. The surf school is modern, clean, and has a wide range of lessons available to cater to all levels. They also have a good range of board rentals. All their coaches are ISA qualified meaning they provide you with the best techniques to improve while also ensuring your safety. They also sell merchandise and other surf equipment.

    This is at the top as it offers the best prices, qualified ISA coaches, a wide range of boards, and amazing surf packages.

    Ranked #1 on Google with 99 reviews and a 5/5 score.

  2. Jeffreys Bay Surf School

    Jbay Surf school

    This was the first surf school to open in Jeffreys Bay in the year 2000. They have taught many, many surfers over the past 21 years. The surf school has front row seats to Dolphin beach and is easy to recognize with its bright orange signage. They have some very talented coaches that are sponsored, so it is really entertaining watching them in-between lessons while they show the crowded beaches what surfing can look like. They also sell some surf equipment if you needing something for your own rig.

    This is second as they have a great location for quick access to the beach, and they have loads of experience over the past 2 decades. It’s also entertaining seeing their coaches on their lunch break at their local break.

    Ranked #2 on Google with 25 reviews and a 4.9/5 score.

  3. Wavecrest Surf School


    Wavecrest has also been around for a few moons. They have gone with the hippie look and feel, making you feel like you have stepped back in time to the ’80s when Jbay was only roamed by hippie vans and surfers. The school has signage all over town but they are a little tricky to find as they are hidden down an alley, but if you look for the bright yellow signage you will surely walk back into time.

    They are 3rd on this list as they offer budget-friendly surf and stay packages, and have done a good job of preserving an era of surf history.

    Ranked #3 on Google with 38 reviews and a 4.8/5 score.

  4. Salty Surf School

    Salty Surf Lessons Island

    Salty Surf school is one of the few franchise surf schools in South Africa. It is for people who are wanting to stay at their backpackers. They offer well-priced packages and you normally surf in bigger groups. You end up making friends and progressing together making memories. The Jbay backpackers in on the beachfront so you can see when the waves are pumping and head out straight from there.

    They placed fourth for those who are wanting to have the backpacker’s surf experience.

    Ranked #4 on Google with 369 reviews and a 4.3/5 score.

  5. AfricaSUP


    Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboards have had a long history of differences but at the end of the day being in the ocean and standing up to surf a wave is still surfing a wave. So although this is technically a different sport it is equally as fun. AfricaSUP is the only SUP board rental in Jbay. The board range is wide enough to give anyone a chance to give SUP a go. Although they don’t offer lessons, you can always ask for the advice needed to get out there and have some fun while staying safe.

    This placed last as it isn’t a surf school but still can fall within the interest of surfers, especially if there are very small waves and you wanting to still stand above the water.

    Ranked #5 on Google with 4 reviews and a 3/5 score.

    Of course, there are such things as google reviews and trip advisor and they also do a good job of keeping score but this gives you a better overview of what are the main differences and which surf school is best for you.

    If you found other pros that should be added to the list above, add them in the comments below.