10 Things to do this Summer in Jbay

10 Things to do this Summer in Jbay

Jbay is a world-renowned surf destination but there is more to this magical little town than just waves. Jeffreys Bay finds itself at the very end of the Garden Route making it a must-see destination for all adventurous travels. Sure, Jbay is laidback but all the locals kick into gear for summer!

Besides doing the obvious vacation todo-list of getting tanned, building a sandcastle, and snorkeling in the beach break. These are the 10 things we recommend doing.

1. Skydive

Jeffreys Bay has a beautiful coastline but it is best seen in the air, falling at about 200km/h. Skydiving is something on most people’s bucket list, and if it isn’t you probably should have it on there. This is number 1 of the 10 things to do this summer in Jbay for a reason. The location is beautiful, the price is great compared to other locations. The people running it make sure you have a great time, making you forget about the fact that you are jumping out of a plane. Just do it! Let us know how it was, once you have.

Price starting from R2400
Time: 1hr

2. Beach Horse Riding

Horse riding is always a fun thing to do and there is plenty of locations that are beautiful to do it. Horse riding on the beach is however a magnificent experience. The location you ride has big sand dunes with hardly another soul in sight. We have sent many guests there and they always come back with a smile.

Price R450
Time: 2hrs


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3. Quad bikin

The quad bikes are set up in a quarry where you first test drive your quad to make sure you are comfortable. After you have become accustomed to your bike, then you go on an adventurous ride around a canyon to a waterfall. The waterfall is something you wouldn’t expect to be nestled in the dry area and yet it is a beautiful site once you are there. Pro-tip, go just after it has rained, it is fun to get dirty and slip and slide.


Price R500
Time: 2hrs

4. Die Watergat

Although you get to ride to the waterfall you don’t get to jump. That is why you should combo it and go back to the waterfall right after. This waterfall has a zip line, 4m, 6m, & 8m jump plus a waterfall slide that not many people are aware of. It is estimated to be about 12 – 20m deep so no need to worry about touching the bottom. There is a place to braai and sometimes if it is really busy there is a little food stall there, but it is always safer to bring your own snacks.


Price R50
Time: n/a

5. Sand-Boarding

If there are no waves why not ride the dunes. Standing on a board is standing on a board, so why not get that extra practice? While Jeffreys Bay doesn’t have the biggest dunes around, it still has dunes that are well maintained and sometimes even have little ramps to get some air time. Sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding for those from colder regions.

Price R508 for 2 people
Time: 2hrs

6. Fishing or Whale Watching

We are fortunate to still have an ocean with an abundance of fish. Port St Francis Harbour is a beautiful port that sees many fishermen bringing home dinner daily. Summer is practically busier and so are the fish. The swell is also a lot less making the trip more relaxing and overall more relaxing. You can either bottom fish or trawl, and catch some sporty fish. If your captain is okay with it, it is awesome to take a dip every now and then to cool down (use lots of sunblocks, a hat, and a thin shirt). Whales are better known to be around in October, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see them after that. Dolphins are no strangers in the summertime, so make sure you looking out for them.

Price R2850 for 3 people
Time: 4 – 5 hrs

7. Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park is South Africa’s third-largest park and home to the Big 5. The park is considered to be a major success from starting with only 11 elephants to and now being roughly 600 alive. The park has a unique feeling as in certain parts of the park you can see the ocean at a close distance. The drive is beautiful as you travel through various vegetation types.

Price R80(RSA)/R380(INT)
Time: n/a


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8. Bunjee jumping

The Bloukrans bridge used to be the highest bridge bungee in the world, while that isn’t true anymore as America had to just beat us, the Bloukrans is still an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Some people are already weak in the knees from the bridge walk. The instructors really know how to get your heart pumping and play some upbeat music to get you prepared for that leap forward with nothing other than a trap holding you at the ankles. The experience is amazing and the view while hanging makes it a must-do.

 Price from R1400
Time: 1hr 30mins

9. Golfing at St Francis Links

St Francis Links is a golf course like no other. It surpasses every experience you may have had when playing golf in SA. The Golf course keeps the old age transitions of golf but brought in new advancements to keep up with the times and always ensure you are capable of playing your best game. Pro-tip, take the e-bike. It is just a little more fun.

Price from R900
Time: 3 hrs +

10.  Surfing

We all knew this one was coming but saved the best for last. Jeffreys Bay is a world-class wave and deserves the most attention when in Jeffreys Bay. There is a wave for every surfer, from Advanced to beginner. Salted Surf School is a fantastic school that offers amazing packages for all types of surfers. There is waves all year round, meaning there is never a bad time to give it a go. We have seen 5 – 85-year-olds get in the water, showing that age is never a problem.

Price from R320
Time: 1hr 30mins

11. Bonus – Thai Massage

Yeah, we said it. All the above is there to take it out of you, but sometimes you need that one thing that will give back to you. A Thai Massage is the one thing that will restore you and all your stress to ground zero. Jeffreys Bay has some really amazing massage spas, but there is one whose price is amazing and well centered in the JBay Surf Village.

Price from R300
Time: From 30mins