Perfect Beach Front Accommodation

When you want to go on holiday, especially during these times, you don’t want to have to hassle about anything. Everyone also has a different idea for holiday. Some want all the action a Jeffreys Bay has to offer and needs to be busy all day, while others want to stare at the ocean and drink a cocktail. If you traveling with friends and family it becomes harder to tick all the boxes of what you all might need. This is why Surf Lodge South Africa is the Perfect Beach Front Accommodation.

What does the lodge have to offer?

We are a seafront wooden house that has an uninterrupted sea view. Being able to sleep up to 20 guests has made this the ideal place for large families or groups of friends to all travel to together. We have 6 private rooms (all double beds) and 1 dorm that sleeps, 8 people. There are loads of entertainment areas, such as the Jacuzzi area, TV room, Swimming Pool, Braai area, table tennis area, board room, indoor fireplace, and chef kitchen. The outside deck has enough seating for everyone, including those who want to just tan all day. The beach is less than 2mins walk away on our very own private boardwalk, talk about perfect beach front accommodation.

Jeffreys Bay is well known for its surfing but its beaches are equally reputable. Paradise Beach is a lesser populated beach making it feel more private-like. The beach is safe to swim (if you know how to swim) or you can always walk to the swimming area which is roughly a 7mins walk down the beach. There are some waves out front, either a longboard wave or a 1-turn-wonder if you prefer to shortboard. The beach has been praised for having an abundance of fish, making it ideal for the anglers to sit and try their luck. It is an iconic white sand beach so you can either take a walk from Paradise to St Francis or tan and build sandcastles.

Why is Surf Lodge the perfect Beach Front Accommodation?

The magic happens from Sunrise to Sunset. Waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping, the sun rising over the ocean, and dancing over the water. That morning coffee energizing you for your morning surf. You go downstairs and grab a board and go surf, maybe some dolphins come past. You have already had the best start to any given day. After you catch the wave you have been waiting for, you come back, make some breakfast and this is where your mood takes you. Tan time? Fishing? Canoeing? Hiking? Site seeing? Shopping? More sleep? Swimming? Massage? Or maybe some Yoga? After your eventful day, you light up a fire for some lekker braai-food and maybe turn the jacuzzi on and play some music with beer-pong? Or keep it chilled and light a fire inside and read a book with some wine with the sunset?

The lodge has become a space to host birthdays, retreats, engagement parties, gender reveals, and even small weddings. Yes, we are hosting weddings, click here to learn more. So far we have been enjoying hosting these whole-house rentals as you get the privacy you need and the house is filled with people who are here for the same reason. Whether it be the just a place to sleep or we fit your ‘perfect beach front accommodation’ profile.

Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay

When to come to Jeffrey Bay?


Summer and winter both have their pros and cons. From December – March the summer days go on forever. The warm weather feeling and cheer leave Jeffreys Bay with many events and parties to attend and not enough time. All the teens have just finished school and looking to forget about their class days. Every day is sunny and chilled, with longboarders cruising in the lineup. Winter is when the waves come alive, and it becomes a hotspot for surfers all around the world. With the JBay Winter Fest, it is like our 2nd summer. Jbay is filled with loads of people in town, with contests, events, and parties happening all around. The WSL brings in musicians, popup shops, and different talent from all over South Africa.



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