Jeffreys Bay: it’s not all about Supertubes!

Jeffreys Bay: it’s not all about Supertubes!

5 world class beginner to intermediate waves you should try when in J-Bay!

When you think Jeffreys Bay, your mind automatically jumps to Supertubes – and rightfully so, Supertubes is without a doubt one of best waves on planet earth and certainly one of the best righthand point breaks. Supertubes is however, strictly for advanced surfers only; it’s a long stretched out wall that requires above average skill level to ride adequately. But do not fear, J-Bay isn’t all about Supertubes. In fact there are a plethora of waves in and around J-Bay that are perfect for surfers that are just starting out or are in the intermediate stage. Here are five of our favourite beginner to intermediate waves around J-Bay.


J-Bay and the surrounds have more right-hand point breaks than most countries have in their entirety. It’s truly a natural footer’s paradise. The final point break on J-Bay’s stretch of coastline is called Albatross. Albatross is one of our favourite waves in J-Bay because it’s slightly off the beaten track and extremely underrated. Most days when everywhere else is packed with crowds, Albatross will only have a handful of people revelling in its point break perfection. Albatross is extremely manageable and when it’s small, it’s perfect for those who have just discovered riding the green wave. When the swell jumps however, we suggest you proceeding with caution.

Lower Point

Probably second in popularity to Supertubes is Lower Point. Lower Point is a longboarder’s paradise. The wave wraps around from Supertubes and gently peals off at the perfect pace down the point. Lower Point is also absolutely wonderful wave for those in the beginner to intermediate level of surfing. There’s a perfect little divide in the rocks to paddle out through known as the Key Hole and the wave is as gentle as a preschool teacher. If you’ve just learned to ride the green wave, you’ll certainly fall in love with Lower Point! The paddle-ins are dreamy and the wave runs for ages! Be sure to clue yourself up on proper surf etiquette to get on the good side of the locals – it goes a long way when in J-Bay.

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows lies opposite the J-Bay Surf Village which contains several coffee shops serving gourmet espresso shots and surf stores flogging your favourite surf brand’s T-shirts and boardshorts. Kitchen Windows is definitely one of our favourite waves in J-Bay. Goofy footers will be pleased to note that Kitchen Windows is one of the only waves in J-Bay that offers a left to compliment its right. Kitchen Windows is a splendid little Point Break, waves generally break from the same place every time and they can run on for an eternity. Much like Lower Point, Kitchen Windows is wonderful for those in the beginning stages of riding the green wall. And if you’re still all about riding them foamies, Kitchen Windows has a lovely little beach break that will suit your needs down to a tee.


Out of all the waves listed on this inventory, Huletts is the most benevolent. If Huletts was a person, she would be a gentle, kind, well meaning pre-primary school teacher. If you haven’t yet ridden the green wave and you have strong desire to do just that, best you get well acquainted with Hulette, it’s the perfect place to perfect your green wave endeavours.

Huletts is also a stone’s throw away from Bruce’s Beauties, a world class wave made famous by Bruce Brown, Mike Hynson and Robert August during their filming of the movie Endless Summer. Bruce’s Beauties is an enigma of a wave and only comes out of hibernation once in a blue moon, so to witness her in all her splendour is truly a sight to behold and one worth cherishing. The Surf Lodge offers day trips to Huletts on request.

Seal Point

About 15 minutes from Huletts or a 45 minute drive from J-Bay lies the quaint seaside village known as Cape St Francis. Cape St Francis is home to yet another sterling righthand point break known as Seal Point. Only the Lord knows how ‘Seal Point’ acquired its name because there are never any seals in the nearby vicinity, regardless, the name remains. Seal Point is an extremely rippable and fun point break. The break has two distinct sections separated by a rock affectionately named, ‘Full Stop Rock’ due to its ability to bring many a frothing surfer to a sudden halt upon encounter. If you’re sick of surfing righthand point breaks, no need to fret, Seal Point also has a fantastic beach break, which on its day offers up some world class barrels going in both directions. The Surf Lodge also offers day trips to Seal Point, which is perfect for when the waves are small in J-Bay.

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