Here’s five things for you to try:

Okay, so it’s been a while of not surfing. With South Africa comfortably settling into Week Three of our National Lockdown, we could resort to filling the hours with Instagram, Netflix and even hitting an identity crisis and making a Tiktok. (Yes, we are judging you for that.)
With beaches and lineups looking eerily empty, I think all of us have fantasised over the clean lineup, paddling out at dawn, and having a killer story to tell for the rest of out lives… Although we’ve quickly snapped out of that daydream with the global headlines of surfers bold (or stupid) enough to take the plunge.
J-Bay locals scoring R5000 fines for attempting a surf at Supertubes, to the extremes of a surfer in Costa Rica even being shot at by police when he dared to catch a wave. So now that we’ve established that sneaking in a surf shouldn’t be an option for us, what else can we do to fill our time?
We’ve used this time to scrape to the bottom of the World Wide Web to find some crazy or simply productive ways for you to keep the stoke during this lockdown. We’re guessing that you’ve already started a home workout, decluttered some part of your home and attempted to grow a vegetable. To not completely lose your identity as a surfer, here’s five things for you to try:

  1. Join the #HomeBreakChallenge

We’re frothing over the creativity of people getting resourceful, waxing their boards and getting ready for a challenge. Check out the hashtag #HomeBreakChallenge and see if you can bring your own flair. Get your board out, and show us your home break ;) (Tag us if you do make one)

  1. Bake Banana Bread

I’m sure you’ve heard of someone you know baking some sort of bread over the lockdown… It’s hard to balance the temptation of joining the trend with the reality of all the work you’ve been putting into home workouts recently. Why don’t you give this Vegan Banana Bread recipe a smash? Hot out of the oven with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee…

  1. Start Surf Yoga (minus the surf)

Yoga is probably one of the most under-looked practices to improve your ability as a surfer. Your body benefits from movement and your mind benefits from stillness. You’ll notice that you’ll build strength, flexibility and balance that’ll do wonders to your agility in the water. Kelly Slater swears by it “I wanna have longevity. I wanna be 80 years old and be really strong and fit.”

  1. Binge on our Favourite Surf Films

After sifting through the archives and conducting a good old fashioned survey, we listed our three favourite surf films of all time. Maybe you feel like binging them all at once, or splitting them over the time left. If we missed one of your favourites, leave a comment on this post and we’ll be sure to add it to the next list

  1. Stay connected

It’s human nature to want to block out the severity of Covid-19 and focus on what’s within our four walls. It’s a crazy opportunity to be mindful of family, friends and those less-privileged to see if we could lessen their burdens. Call your family, see if there’s any way you can help out elderly neighbours who can’t get to the supermarkets or if there’s a shelter in your town you could help with donations.

Although these are onlyfive tips, there’s plenty more ways to make the most out of the Lockdown without your day-to-day habits. Who knows, maybe you’ll even develop some new traits you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life.


Stay safe x

Art and blog by Ruth Armstrong @truthtops

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