Is it Winter?

For some it would seem as if this year taking its time, while for others it’s flying by. Today is the last day of Level 4 in South Africa and entering into Level 3, we can resume surfing. It’s perfect timing for the Winter Swell, unfortunately the first winter swell hit us a week ago and some did break the rules to get out, others have been waiting patiently to get their feet back into the water. It is safe to say that even after all the home exercising there will still be a good few days of looking like a kook until we all surf in our element again.

The Good News.

Although Jeffrey’s Bay has been hit hard by Covid-19, there is a large amount of hope being restored into our small surfing village. There is a campaign being run by a group of Local Surfers, including the Surf Lodge South Africa Founder, Tobias Schroeder. This campaign started off as wanting to feed a 1000 people for 2 weeks, until the lockdown was extended which crippled even more families in the township areas, which relied on their daily wages for food. The campaign grew and they were able to feed more people they could imagine thanks to many donors. However the long term effects are not easily solvable. So there is now a transition into creating opportunities for them to be educated for self suitability with nutritious produce. If you would like to support this campaign, please click here, or keep following their activities on instagram @letsfeedjbay and facebook.

The Bad News.

With the world being impacted in every direction. It would appear that the WSL JBay Open 2020 has been called off. While this is disheartening to the community of JBay, Im sure the Pro Surfers are also a little sad to not be surfing the famous surf break. Although the WSL website has not made the call-off official, an official statement has been released via SABC News. We are still hoping for a surprise turnaround but this does sadly seem unlikely. Which brings the question. How will the WSL 2020 Championship Tour crown this years champion? Will it be host at quarantined wave pools? Whichever direction they decide, I am eager to see fresh surf content. I think I have seen enough of WSL Rewind Series for the year.


Whats happening at the Surf Lodge?

Challyn with his newly married wife are taking care of the piece of Paradise. As everyone else has been doing their own home improvements, the Lodge is also being improved. Lots of sanding, varnishing, painting along with other small maintenance details. Let’s hope the waves aren’t too good to distract the working progress. We are also getting some green fingers and working in the garden room. Planting some herbs and manageable vegetables, so hopefully they will all be ready to harvest by the next time you visit.

Supporting Surf Lodge.

Although Covid-19 has knocked down so many sectors worldwide, our goal is to keep Surf Lodge South Africa up and ready for when the restrictions cease. We know this little piece of paradise has crept into your heart and that you’re already dreaming of your next trip here! 

In to order to ensure it’s possible and that we can stay afloat, we’ll be selling vouchers. They can be redeemed for accommodation or activities hosted through the Lodge when you’re with us again. The voucher can be found on our website and is valid for 3 years.

Get it for yourself, buy one as a gift, you’ll not only help us until the travel bans are lifted, but you’ll ensure yet another memorable stay with us. The next wave is yours. 

Blog by Challyn Armstrong @challyho ( Photo credit: @matze.ried @isaplos)

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