Surf Lodge Review

Letter from our guest Deniz H

You wake up with the sound of the waves and a big smile on your face.

If you take a look of the window you realize the beauty of the Indian Ocean with 50 shades of blue in front of you. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of peace inside of you.

Surf lodge at Jeffrey’s Bay is an amazing place to surf, reset your mind, do yoga, enjoy a beautiful beach and meet friends for life.

Before you go to the surf lesson you enjoy a healthy breakfast to give your body the energy to surf and stay strong. With you pot in your hand you eat yoghurt, fruits and sip on your coffee with a view.

Excited about if you will catch some waves you go down to the pool area where all the surfboards and wetsuits are. Getting into a wetsuit is really hard to manage but as we all look funny trying to figure out the best way to dress, we laugh so much that there is already a connection with the people.

We drive with the surf van to the beach and Philipp, our surf instructor, teaches us how the technique works. The goal for today is to stand on the board – at least a second ;-)

You completely forget time if you are playing with the waves. The first time when you stand on the board a happy feeling overwhelms you and you have the feeling that you can fly. Now I know why surfing is such a big thing for people all around the world.

Exhausted but super happy we return back to the Surf lodge. The nap you will take after surfing is fabulous. The clean air, the sound of the waves and the wind sings you a special lullaby you can’t resist.

In the afternoon I enjoy reading a book at the pool and chatting with other guests just to hear their travel stories.

I’m a big fan of yoga but never did it on the beach. At the beach your relaxation is deeper, and you meditate constantly with the ocean breeze.

In the evening a typical South African braai is planned. Braai is a BBQ with meat we also know like beef or chicken but at the same time animals from South Africa are on the menu. Kudu, ostrich and impalas are very delicious alternatives you definitely have to try. The grill is on fire and the smell of great food covers the whole lodge. Guest have their beers in their hands or wine for which South Africa is also very famous for because of the great conditions to grow grapes here.

What a really love about this place is the special connection with people. You can be on your own but also do a lot in a group of like-minded people with different backgrounds and beliefs. Having a deep conversation about life with a stranger is on the agenda.

After having the fest meal, we had the idea of going to the beach to look at the stars and   inhale the magical moments to take them back home. You walk the wooden way to the beach, which was especially made for his grandmother of Tobi, the owner of the Surf lodge, told me to ease the way to the beach. The Lodge is a place with good memories of a happy family and new ones are made every day with people from all around the world.

Did you ever see the shine of plankton? Amazed about the fascination beauty of nature we go into the water just to have some little glowing plankton on our bodies. I’m a bubbly person but this made me speechless. We are lucky that the sky is clear, and we can see shooting stars while sitting at the beach… One of the wishes I had was that I will never wake up from this dream again …