JBay Summer Guide 2020

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 JBay Summer Guide 2020


Summer in JBay is exactly what you would imagine. It’s hot, with a scent of sunscreen in the air, and people walking around in flip-flops holding ice-cream cones. While that is enough incentives to draw anyone from a landlocked city, there is more to this little town. This is our Jbay Summer Guide 2020 to a #DecemberToRemember

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  1. #Beaches

    Let’s jump to the point. Jeffreys Bay has more than just 1 little fun beach, in actual fact, there are 6. Starting with Kalbeljous, Albertros, Checkers Beach, Main/Dolphin Beach, Pelsurus Beach, and Paradise Beach. Each of them has a unique characteristic worth exploring.

    Kabeljous and Albertros is home to kiting, fishing, and boogie boarding. There is a lot of space so no need to squish like sardines (COVID Friendly).
    Checkers is more for tanning and building sandcastles as swimming is not recommended.
    Main Beach / Dolphin Beach is where all the action is happening. Surf, Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, some music shows, and enough popup stores to keep you fed or fill the car with local crafts to take home.
    Lastly, Paradise Beach is in the name. It has a little bit of everything and it never feels overcrowded. Fun waves, fun walks, good fishing spots, and a little lagoon to swim in if that’s more your thing


  2. #Snacks&Beverages

    The beach has its way of keeping you hungry and thirsty all day long. We all have different cravings, so I will try to keep it quick and simple.
    Tasty Table is a great breakfast/lunch stop when you don’t want to leave the beach and lose your parking. They have a creative interior and delicious food.
    Infood Deli has all the freshly baked delights one can think of. Its quality is incomparable, and they cater to all diets.
    First Light is a unique coffee shop with great artisanal coffee and other good snacks.
    Brewhaha is our local craft brewery, with excellent beers but their food is really good and reasonably priced.
    Lastly, The Mexican is a great allrounder. They have healthy foods and smoothies, they have gourmet foods, and lastly, this is where you want to end your day, party style.

  3. #Activities

    By now you have had like 20 beach days in a row and have the darkest tan you have ever seen and looking for something more.
    Surfing is what we are famous for so make sure you check that off first ;)
    Sandboarding… It is not like surfing or like snowboarding, it’s a different kind of fun.
    Mini Golf or waterslide tubing at the Dolphin Beach Entertainment center.
    Horseback riding on the beach or skydive landing on the beach or just a Helicopter tour over JBay. If you looking for more hikes and adventures check our other blog here.

    Truthtops Creative Art
    @TruthtopsCreative Art
  4. #JbayLocalShops

    This is to keep local lekker and support local. There are many brands to buy in Jeffreys Bay but not all are local, not to say you shouldn’t check out the factory outlets as they too have some bargains.
    Aleph Surf is a high-quality clothing operation with its catalog found in First Light Coffee Shop, read how they support local and encourage fair trade.
    The Shell Shop has been operating for years, with very quirky items however it is a good souvenir shop.

    Country Feeling was the first clothing store in Jeffreys Bay and has done well in keeping it original with great designs and top quality.
    Right next door is another JBay classic In Step, although it’s a winter boot, it is always worth investing in.
    Art is something a little more classy mixed with culture. There are many artists however we are supporting right at home with this one, Ruth or TruthtopCreative helps out the lodge and has some amazing art on display in various spaces.


  5. #Festivals

    While regulations still prohibit large gatherings we are still waiting to hear what events are to be happening in and around JBay. However, there are still 3 weekly markets worth visiting.
    JBay Surf Village has a market every Saturday in December. Milkwood Market every Saturday and lastly the St Francis Market every Saturday. Please check the links for any cancellations or updates due to Covid-19.

    Please let us know if there are any other essentials or thoughts that should be added to the list in the comments below :)