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What makes Surf Lodge SA the best Surf Camp in Jbay

There are many things to consider when looking for a surf camp. What is a surf camp? Why go to a surf camp? And is it a surf camp for everyone? I will be aiming to answer all those questions and more details you need before considering booking a package at the best surf camp in Jeffreys Bay.

What is a surf camp?

A place where you stay and surf. It isn’t a rocket scientist answer but it is important to note that surfing and staying at any odd accommodation (maybe even seaside accommodation) doesn’t make it a surf camp. A surf camp is a space attracting guests sharing the same passion (stoke) and desire to surf, or maybe wanting to learn to surf.

Why go to a surf camp?

The idea is to meet people who you can journey on with and know you not alone, no matter what level. This makes it a great space for you to chat about your surf after your session and maybe break down what you saw vs what your new friend saw. This conversation could go on for hours with all the surf theory and ways of understanding the ocean. There are loads of websites, books, and surf movies that love to give you their breakdown of a wave and when it is best to surf it, but there is one thing that Trumps them all, local knowledge.

A surf camp is run by people who are passionate about surfing, know how to surf, where to surf, when to surf, and what board to surf. Asking your instructor a surf-related question is part of the package we want you to grow in your passion and understanding of the sport so that you can perform to the best of your ability. Surf Theory is an important lesson where we try to fully explain how the ocean works, how waves work, how a board works, how fins work, and how you on your board on all these elements work.


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Is a surf camp for everyone?

A surf camp is for everyone. We find that it especially appeals to the people who are interested in wanting to learn to surf. However, there are surf camps where you find pro surfers will stay, simply for the vibe or maybe again that local knowledge. Parents may consider bringing their child to learn to surf although they have no interest in surfing, that is perfectly fine. It’s the perfect family holiday where you can lay back and tan or go to get the exotic massage knowing that your child will be taken care of by a qualified Surf coach.

What else do surf camps offer?

It depends on where your surf camp is located and what value-added services they have to offer. Some surf camps require you to take a boat out to surf the wave, while in others you can only surf a 9ft longboard because the wave never goes above your ankle. Other additional camps have lately been offering surf-skate lessons, which allows you to learn out the water. Optional additional extra’s will be surf video analysis, water photography, yoga, massage beds, and other fitness spaces.

What makes Surf Lodge South Africa the best surf camp in Jeffers Bay, South Africa?

At Surf Lodge South Africa, we are always keeping up with the latest developments in surfing. We strive to ticks all the boxes and with being in Jeffreys Bay, with the world’s greatest wave, we are fortunate to be able to offer beginner lessons, longboard lessons, shortboard lessons, advanced lessons, and now surf-skate lessons. All the additional extras, such as video analysis, surf photography, surf theory, wave hunting (searching for waves when the waves aren’t good out front), yoga, and a missus are just a bonus.
There are multiple surf camp packages to match your budget. There are surf camp packages that range from we organize your airport transfer, breakfast, occasional dinners, transport to extra activities, and additional extras too. Then there are the budget-friendly options. In the dorm, with self-catering and doing the lessons when you can afford.


Work and Surf

There is also a new opportunity with SURF-WORK-STAY

This is for those freelance digital nomads that can work anywhere in the world as long as there is good wifi. Well, we are happy to say we have got your back. Surf Lodge South Africa has been hosting nomads for a couple of years now. With the beach being short of 100m away, there is always the opportunity to surf before work, on your lunch break, or after work. You can do a lesson, or rent a board and live your best life in Paradise. The Lodge is surrounded by a green belt making the location quiet to work during the day, maybe being interrupted by the roaring waves. You will forget there is a vibing society 5mins away. We also work with a co-working space in Jeffreys Bay. If you enjoy being surrounded by hard workers and still be a stone throws away from the beach.

SALTED SURF has partnered with us so that you can leave your board, clothes, lunch, and etc. This allows you to go surf and then shower before getting back behind the keyboard.

Can you build your own Surf Camp Package?

We have multiple packages available. However, we also know some people want to stay longer or shorter than the set standard packages. Maybe there are activities you want to add or take off to meet your budget. Whatever your ideal might be, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@surflodgesouthafrica.co.za. We will happily assist you :)


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.