Why SA Should be Your Next Surf Trip

waves for days

Why SA Should be Your Next Surf Trip

A surf vacation you’ll never forget. #NextWaveIsYours


Waves for days

South Africa has more waves than most countries have people. And not just any old waves, we’re talking world class setups. From Lamberts Bay on the West Coast to Ballito on the North, there’s a brilliant wave wherever the road meets the sea. Thank goodness for our favourite stretch of tar, the N2, a gift bestowed upon us surfers from the surf gods – a National highway which runs from Cape Town, along the coast to Durban – subsequently connecting all our favourite surf spots.

waves for days

If you are doing a surf trip through South Africa there are a number of waves you must tick off your bucket list. These include, Muizenberg in Cape Town, Vic-Bay in George, most certainly Jeffreys Bay (and when you are in J-Bay be sure to stay at our Surf & Yoga Retreat!) and Coffee Bay in the Transkei.

A Cultural Experience

Culturally, South Africa is nothing like you’d ever experienced anywhere else. SA has 11 official languages and is where Africa and Europe collide. Don’t worry though, most people have a firm grasp of the English language and you’ll easily be able to navigate your way around.

If you’d like an authentic African cultural experience, here are several activities you should partake in:

  • Mzoli’s: Located in the heart of Gugulethu township, Cape Town, Mzoli’s is the perfect example of a modern day African party. Buy meat from the butcher, get it barbecued over open flames, enjoy local beer all the while dancing to local modern day African beats. Mzoli’s is modern day South African personified.
  • Township Tour: A township tour is a necessity when visiting South Africa. Unfortunately, South Africa is one of the most unequal societies on the planet. And this means the South Africa that tourists experience isn’t the South Africa that most locals experience. A township tour will put South African life into perspective.
  • The Transkei: The Transkei is rural South Africa. And the best depiction of how the Xhosa lived pre European arrival. The Transkei consists of endless green hills rolling into the ocean, ancient Xhosa villages where time slows down to a standstill, dusty gravel roads occasionally lined with roaming cattle and of course, great waves. Best places to stay in the Transkei would be Coffee Bay: here or Mdumbi: here
  • Safari: No South African trip is complete without endeavouring in a Safari game drive. To witness the big five up close and personal is a surreal experience and one you wouldn’t forget quickly. South Africa is laden with brilliant Safari’s but one we would highly recommend is Schotia Safaris, a stone’s throw away from our Surf Lodge, featuring all the big wave.

cultural experience

A brilliant nightlife

Perhaps brilliant shouldn’t be the operative word here, or rather, we should change the heading to Cape Town has a brilliant nightlife. Because she certainly does. Before heading down south towards wave rich Jeffreys Bay, one should venture to delight in the nighttime activities offered by the Mother City.

From full moon skateboarding events, live local rock bands, jazz clubs, electro clubs, excellent bars, incredible food, weekend markets and tons of art galleries, Cape Town is a city that activates your sense and not only that it it also has great surf. Cold, but still excellent. The Mother City remains the perfect start to any African surf trip.


Cheap Equipment

South Africa has some of the cheapest surf equipment on planet earth. Particularly when it comes to new surfboards. Virtually every coastal town has it’s own shaper pumping out world class surfboards. And as economics would have it, a higher supply results in a lower price tag. Instead of bringing a surfboard to SA and paying all those unwanted fees to an airline that’ll probably present your surfboard to you on the other side of the globe with a healthy supply of freshly acquired dings, rather buy one upon arrival! You can read our blog post: Why You Should Buy a Surfboard in SA (here)

Surf equipment

Jeffreys Bay

No motivation for South Africa as a surf trip would be complete without mentioning the crown jewel of the South African coastline: Jeffreys Bay. Arguably, the best righthand point break in the world. Perfect waves that reel on forever. User friendly, cool water and consistent, there’s a reason why the world’s best surfers come to South Africa every year. And that’s because J-Bay is in a class of it’s own. You can read more about all the waves in Jeffreys Bay here. (here). And be sure to book your accommodation at our surf camp!