Surf Basic

Never surfed before or little experience? Get the basic training you need to kick start your surfing journey.
No experience required, all equipment and coach included!
Surf Package includes: Surf lessons for all levels, equipment and breakfast. White water waves/broken waves.

Surf Intermediate

So you’ve surfed before and want to improve your skills in the water. Our coaches will take you to the backline, get you into the perfect spot to catch the best waves. We’ll improve your ability on the waves and get you even more stoked on surfing!
Basic surf experience required, equipment and coach included! Green waves/non-broken waves.

Surf Guiding

For more experienced surfers who want to get a head start in surfing the famous J-bay waves. Get a tour of all the main surf spots by an experienced local surfer and enjoy some good waves together at the best spot on the day! Don’t get stuck on the reef or caught inside, we’ll give you all the insight to enjoy your surf experience!
For more advanced surfer with own equipment. Point break/reef break (when sandbanks allow, at a beach break if small swell)

Advanced Surf Coaching

This is for experience and high intermediate surfers. We will coach you and help you improve your surfing skills. This involves video analysis, different manoeuvre techniques, equipment etc. This lesson is perfect for surfers wanting to improve their skills with a highly qualified surf coach. Please inquire about our exclusive packages.