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2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge!

2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge! We all have our new goals and challenges set for 2021. Some are creating good habits, others are being healthier and then some are on a mission to give other people FOMO, yes we are talking about those Instagram influencers! I don’t really carry expert knowledge are creating good habits or […]

JBay Summer Guide 2020

 JBay Summer Guide 2020   Summer in JBay is exactly what you would imagine. It’s hot, with a scent of sunscreen in the air, and people walking around in flip-flops holding ice-cream cones. While that is enough incentives to draw anyone from a landlocked city, there is more to this little town. This is our […]

JBay Surfboard Maintenance and Repairs

  Surfing is one of the healthiest lifestyles and sports. It is often associated to an ideal way of living and breathing. I would advocate for that knowing what dedication it takes, and the rewards it bears. Surfing is amazing, but part of the dedication, just like any sport, is the care of equipment. In […]

Why Dawnie?

Why Dawnie?     There is a famous saying in life. “The early Bird gets the Worm!” Bringing this into Surf culture has been the best kept secret, maybe not a secret but not practised enough. The myth is when you know there is swell, you should be in the water before the sun comes […]

Hikes & Adventures in JBay

Hikes & Adventures in JBay And surrounding areas   I remember reading once that “An Adventure starts 10 minutes away from home”. Reading that statement made me rethink my outlook on the definition of Adventure. While Instagram makes you want to be in 20 different places all at the same time, its also important to […]

Is it Winter?

    Is it Winter? For some it would seem as if this year taking its time, while for others it’s flying by. Today is the last day of Level 4 in South Africa and entering into Level 3, we can resume surfing. It’s perfect timing for the Winter Swell, unfortunately the first winter swell […]