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Jbay’s Best Surf School

Which surf school is best for you in Jeffreys Bay Jeffreys Bay sees many travelers from all around the world coming through just to get a taste of the power of the Indian Ocean. There are many surf breaks making it ideal for any surfer to get a wave. While there are many waves there […]

10 Things to do this Summer in Jbay

10 Things to do this Summer in Jbay Jbay is a world-renowned surf destination but there is more to this magical little town than just waves. Jeffreys Bay finds itself at the very end of the Garden Route making it a must-see destination for all adventurous travels. Sure, Jbay is laidback but all the locals […]

Perfect Beach Front Accommodation

When you want to go on holiday, especially during these times, you don’t want to have to hassle about anything. Everyone also has a different idea for holiday. Some want all the action a Jeffreys Bay has to offer and needs to be busy all day, while others want to stare at the ocean and […]

Trending Instagramable places in JBay 

Trending Instagramable places in JBay  We all looking for those places that are beautiful but we also looking for the most instagramable places these days too. They should be the same thing but they are not always… So instead of being disappointed and trying to go to a place that is popular but no fun […]

Why Visit JBay?

There are many places I can vouch for, that are worth visiting along the coastline of South Africa. But there is something about Jeffreys Bay that sets it apart. So ‘Why Visit Jbay?‘ First and foremost, Jeffreys Bay houses the World Best Right Hand Point Break.  You probably think that this doesn’t mean much if […]

Lots of change but still the same

As we approach the one-year anniversary of our national lockdown, there’s a lot we couldn’t have dreamt would have changed this year. We’re sure you’re aware of all the worldwide changes, but we’d thought we’d give you a taste of what’s changed around our slice of paradise here at Surf Lodge South Africa. Out with […]

2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge!

2021 JBay Bucket-list Challenge! We all have our new goals and challenges set for 2021. Some are creating good habits, others are being healthier and then some are on a mission to give other people FOMO, yes we are talking about those Instagram influencers! I don’t really carry expert knowledge are creating good habits or […]

JBay Summer Guide 2020

 JBay Summer Guide 2020   Summer in JBay is exactly what you would imagine. It’s hot, with a scent of sunscreen in the air, and people walking around in flip-flops holding ice-cream cones. While that is enough incentives to draw anyone from a landlocked city, there is more to this little town. This is our […]

JBay Surfboard Maintenance and Repairs

  Surfing is one of the healthiest lifestyles and sports. It is often associated to an ideal way of living and breathing. I would advocate for that knowing what dedication it takes, and the rewards it bears. Surfing is amazing, but part of the dedication, just like any sport, is the care of equipment. In […]