Surf Lodge South Africa

Team and Facts

The Surf Lodge South Africa team welcomes you to the lodge and our website.

We thought it would be nice for you to meet the team and have some fun facts about us.


The Lodge Manager: Carel Olivier

Carel Olivier is the manager of the Surf Lodge and has helped build the lodge to what is has become now. He is a friendly person that enjoys playing guitar, recording, surfing and exploring. He is also an amazing cook and can make a world class breakfast and South African “Braai” for you. He is the person to get hold of if you have any problems at the lodge or have any questions. You can always reach him on


Founder/Director: Tobias Schroeder

Tobias came up with the idea of starting a Surf Lodge in South Africa after working in the surf camp industry in France. He saw that it could work in South Africa, as it is a perfect place to escape from the European winter. He is dealing with all the behind the scenes work of the lodge. He loves surfing and enjoys business. He also is runner up at the German Surfing championships in Germany for short boarding and long boarding.


Cleaners: Frieda & Phindile

Frieda and Phindile are the two sweethearts that keep the Lodge clean and tidy. Frieda, our sunny girl, is working at the Surf Lodge since 2015. She is a mother of a tiny little baby girl and lives near by in Tokyo Sexwale. Not even less sun comes up when Phindile smiles. She is working at the Lodge since 2016 and she’s a mother of two, one teenage girl and a son and also lives in Tokyo Sexwale. So if you need towels to be changed or anything to be cleaned they will always help you out with their sunny smiles and kind behaviors.


Big influences since we started:


Laura Spelter

Laura was our first intern we had. She helped us organise all our admin and was a great help dealing with guests. She was known for being friendly and enjoying life. Thank you, Laura, for your amazing help.



Anna was a super friendly and kind-hearted lady. She helped us with all our tasks and helped organise our admin and structurised many things.


Lara and MK

They are currently helping us in the lodge. They are an amazing couple that really love working and see many things people don’t see. Lara comes from the hotel industry and is really an amazing help. She has come up with some good ideas and makes the best breakfast the lodge has seen. MK is a genuine nice guy and is an amazing help to us. The love they have for each and the lodge really creates an amazing vibe. We hope they stay longer.


Fun Facts:

  • Established since February 2014
  • Hosted Kelly Slater for a photo-shoot
  • Hosted Parkway Drive


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