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Surf Lodge Diary, first entry

Summer season has arrived in J-Bay and there’s a lot going on in this sleepy seaside paradise, so we would like to share our day to day experiences with you wherever you are on this beautiful earth.


#surflodgediary – first entry


The day started off as the sun was rising and awoke us all putting a big smile on our faces and went down the beach for an early surf lesson. The day got even better when we returned to the lodge and a warm and rich breakfast awaited us.

Today is Sunday and everyone’s super relaxed, some still feeling the night before. After breakfast and talking about last night´s happenings, some of us went to town to do a little Christmas shopping and the boys went surfing. In the afternoon, most of us were back at the lodge and were either chilling by the pool or having a nap in their rooms. Our friend and Yogi, Justin, then came over for a yoga session in the warm setting sun.

For dinner we went to the very awesome J-Bay Bru Co. where we had a couple fancy craft beers and super good food. After leaving the shabby-chic restaurant we had a great glass of wine in the lodge’s lounge and in that very moment I realized how lucky I was to be here, chilling with awesome people in paradise beach, a brand new scene for us, but a home away from home. My brain is still learning deal with the overwhelming sights and sounds of Jeffreys Bay, but my heart has settled in just fine.

Bis Bald!

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