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Surf Lodge Diary: 6th entry

Everybody loves sleeping in and waking up late, but that changes when you know that you’re about to embark on an adventure to see the big five in the early morning hours at Addo Elephant Park, which was a quick drive from the Lodge. We knew that the highest possibility to see the most wildlife throughout the day would be in the morning, so we set the alarm at 4:45 am. A quick coffee, a banana, brushing teeth, sun screen on the face and straight in the car (15 minutes to ready is no a problem when the excitement hits).

The sun came up during our drive to Addo, and with our favorite Spotify playlist playing, called Kaffeehausmusik, everything was just sublime. We arrived at the park gate at 7:00 am, paid and entered with the Addo Elephant Park map in our hands and the adventure started straight away. We were welcomed by a zebra family, then we saw loads of elephants, wildhawks, a few ostriches, bucks & buffaloes. We had an amazing 4 hour morning tour from the main gate to the southern gate where we left the park behind us.

Little tip: bring yourself some food to do a picnic in the park because there was not a single bistro or café during our whole drive but lovely little picnic areas. We didn’t, so we were super hungry & we headed to Nina’s which was only a 50 minute drive from the southern gate. Max and I ordered the amazing red Thai Curry and we allowed ourselves to a Savanna light cause it’s always five o’clock somewhere 😉 . For dessert we had cookies and cream gelato which is the ultimate must-have at Nina’s restaurant!

Back at the lodge we did some relaxing yoga with Justin and had a braai in the evening. We did some ostrich and beef fillet on the grill and as sides I did sweet potatoes baked in the oven with rosemary & thyme, green salad with avo and tomatoes & mushrooms stuffed with tomato pesto and feta. Yummy!!!

Now we’re in bed, super happy and thankful for another epic day in paradise (beach).

Bis Bald!



(all photos by Lara Dries)

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