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Surf Lodge Diary: 5th entry


We started the day a little later than usual this morning and slept in till 8:00 am. Then we had a healthy and hearty breakfast consisting of avocado on toast, fruit salad, yogurt and muesli and we departed from the lodge shortly afterwards and headed to Storms River Mouth in Tsitsikamma National Park were the crew from Untouched Adventures awaited to take us on a kayaking adventure up the river mouth. The drive there was so beautiful and we even saw some Baboons and monkeys right next to the highway. The drive took us just over an hour to get to the Tsitsikamma National Park Gate and we were highly impressed by the natural lavishness of the park and landscape. It is here where we discovered the million different faces of South Africa. The Tsitsikamma landscape is rich green and there’s just mountains everywhere, much more than here in Jeffreys. Amongst this natural landscape, we felt so mysteriously safe and secure. As we drove down this road surrounded with immense amounts of forest foliage, we soon arrived at the ocean at Storms River Mouth, with calm seas, clear skies and windless weather welcoming us to another piece of paradise. We parked our car and followed the signs down to the Untouched Adventures station. The station is super clean and well-kept. Our guide gave us a warm welcome, handed us a life-jacket and a paddle and lead us on a short 1,5 kilometer hike along the jungle coast of Tsitsikamma to our kayaks. His instructions on how to mount our kayaks were clear. As one would go to bed – first the bum and then the legs. And we did so successfully.

We kayaked between these cliffs that were well over 60m high. MK said, “Wow! I’ve never before felt and seen the earth breath in and out like here!”, which I also saw in that moment. An incredible feeling! You were able to feel and see the great body of water move in and out the river mouth. The cliffs, the trees, the birds, the plants were all moving together symphonically, as the nature should. We were also very lucky with the weather as it was a warm 31°C and a cool breeze that kept us from overheating. We got to the point where freshwater meets saltwater and at this point we swapped our kayaks for the lilos and had a blast floating around in a big natural swimming pool. Some of us just paddled around, some jumped off the cliffs and others had a little battle to see who can get who to fall of their lilos first. It was a lot of fun. One of the boys jumped around on his lilo so much, when all the air went out and he had to swim back to the lilo station (Haha). Further up the river you could take a drink from the water running down the mini waterfalls. A refreshment like no other.

After two hours of exploring the River Mouth, the tour was over and we walked back through the jungle coast back to the main station. Once we arrived there we were all starving. So, we drove to the Storms River Village and had a late lunch at Tsitrus Cafe where we had the whole cafe to ourselves. A lovely house with a wood fired pizza stone-oven and a beautiful backyard, where we decided to take our seat. The boys ordered ice cold milk stout beers and I had a Savanna Light. We ordered a pizza, a chicken salad and a blue cheese & sun-dried tomato salad. Everything was so delicious, sitting there in a lovely well-arranged backyard with a priceless view over green mountains and the warm sun and cool breeze on our skin – it felt like another dream. The food was so good we had to order desserts, so we had ice cream with caramel sauce and the best cheese cake I’ve ever tasted.

With our tummies happy, we got in the car and drove back to Jeffreys Bay. The weather was still perfect, so we decided to watch the sunset in St. Francis Bay on the rocks where we were able to witness a sea otter catching fish. Also, something I haven’t seen before.

By sundown we headed home, hungry again, and cooked bean-chickpea-curry with avocado and ended the day off with a Tarantino film, Inglorious Bastards, which was kind of ironic after such a splendid day. (Great movie nonetheless)

An absolutely unforgettable day with many first times.


Bis Bald mal wieder!


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